Mission Statement

The managament philosophy of J&S Packaging Inc. is based on Services,Quality and Sound Relationships with our customers,our employees and our suppliers.

Our objective is to continuously strive to exceed client expectations by manufacturing products that conform to their highest standards.

We are proud of our achievements and attribute them largely to our employees.Through their competence experience and ability to work as a team; they have driven us to the levels of success we are enjoying today.

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The raw materials we use to produce our Foam, Film and Bubble lines are all low density based Polythylene resins and as such our products are able to be recycled at any plastics recycling facility.

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Made from a low-density polyethylene (LDPE) resins, PE Foam offers a multitude of applications in various fields needed fr unbeatable product protection and...

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Made from HDPE(High-Density Polyethylene) and LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) resins, polyethylene films has impact resistance, modest structural strength...

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Anti Static

Adding anti-static agents give ours product both electical insulation as well as havin the benefits of excellent product protection, Anti-static features...

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It is very important for us to have a wide variety of different products for our customers, so that we can become a one stop sell all type of supplier...

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Inner Protection

Air Bubble Pouches and sheet are a cost efective, labor-saving packaging alternative that provides very good wrapping, cushioning and surface protection...

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Outter Protection

As a one stop sell all type of supplier of packaging goods, we are continuously looking to expand our product line to assist in all of our customers ...



Eco-friendly packaging differs than that of the traditional environmental-friendly products by reducing the half-life (the rate in which a product disintegrates) greatly in an open environment.

We care much about the environment and how each of our products reacts when discarded. In a more globalized world, using these eco-friendly products can have long-lasting effects on our environment and surroundings.

We are continuously developing our skills, technique and knowledge to help further our goal in becoming a company that contributes to a safer and cleaner world environment.

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